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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Laundry Theif

You know it's really not stealing if you are doing the work and find it!

I have found one of the best ways to save money is to collect the spare change I find laying around my home.

Instead of putting it in my pocket or purse, I stick it in a pretty can and keep it. It builds up and when it's completely full I will cash it in and start over.

It's nice because I don't really feel like I'm making a huge effort to save it, but it's there and building anyway!

You should try it. If you want to go even further into a feng shui kind of "draw the money to you" you can come back tomorrow. I will be posting about the right place to put your money can to kind of draw money to you....

I don't know how well feng shui works, but it does make your home more organized and clean!


  1. I do the same thing with my change. Don't know if you're interested in crafting -- stop by my blog for a visit.

  2. I am on my way, I love crafts!!

  3. Hey I like your ideas for saving. think i'll be a regular of yours :)

    take a gander at my blog if you wish

  4. We collect change too. It can get in to $100 quickly! Visit my blog. Right now it's all about school stuff. Follow me back?

  5. Thanks Kimmy and Mrs. W, I really liked both of your blogs, and followed them!!

    Kimmy your purse that you made is really cute, and your candle idea is a great one!! I look forward to more ideas!!

    Mrs. W. Thanks for the information about the scholarship, I left a comment on your post.

    I am following both blogs....Thank you again!! Your comments and follows really make my day!!

  6. I never use cash/change anymore. It's almost all debit for me. Though I used to collect it all in a jar, and cash it in when the jar got full.

  7. Adam with your debit card you could always round to the next dollar when keeping track and just make a little note about how much you actually have, that way you are still saving your change...

    Actually there are some banks that have this program where they will round to the next dollar for you!

    Change can add up quickly!!


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