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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Self Employed

Are you into cleaning as much as I am?

Well that's a pretty hard question to answer seeing as how you don't really know me, but my house is usually very clean, even with 2 children...which is sometimes a very difficult task...

I have found a way to use my obsession as a way to make some extra cash!!

I clean for a friend once a week for 3 hours and make $30.00 which isn't a lot, but it puts gas in my car! It's $120 a month I wouldn't have if I didn't do it.

You could do the same! All you have to do is find a friend in need of some extra help and ask them to hire you, or you could make some flyers and advertise your cleaning business...

I charge $10.00 and hour because I live in a small town, but I know people who are making $20-$25 an hour which in my opinion is a pretty hefty salary! Especially if you make it your job to at least clean for 20 hours a week...that's $400-$500 a week, and 4 hours a day! You can't really beat that!!

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