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Friday, August 21, 2009

Buying Off Brand..Pro's and Cons

I hear so many people say that buying off brand will save you so much money. Which isn't entirely false, however what if those off brands are only wasting your time because they really don't work as well as brand name products?
For a long time I used vinegar and water to clean my windows...not only is it affordable, but it's better for the environment right! So I switched...

Well hubby went shopping and picked up some off brand window cleaner and reluctantly I used it. I was amazed!!

I know that sounds funny, right...Your probably thinking I'm taking advice from a woman amazed by off brand window it's been nearly 6 years since I've used window's always been vinegar and water.

So I thought okay, if this off brand window cleaner is so awesome maybe I can try some off brand toilet cleaner too. WRONG!

The off brand toilet cleaner left stains on the toilet, not to mention didn't really clean the toilet at all. Therefore I switched back to my normal brand...Clorox...(the kind in the blue bottle)

So the off-brands that I approve:

Floor Cleaner (Wal-Mart brand I use the lemon kind and love it!)

Window Cleaner (Once again, the Wal-Mart brand)

Dusting Spray (The cheapest Wal-Mart brand)

Laundry Detergent (Purex or Xtra, it cleans the same!)

Other than that I prefer to use brand name cleaners or home made cleaners....

If you think about it, buying a cleaner that doesn't really work, or takes more solution to work, isn't really worth it.

If it uses more solution to work than you end up spending what you would have spent on stuff that uses less. Plus it takes more of your the cheaper way to go would be to buy the good stuff.

This is the motto for other shopping as well, however that's an article for tomorrow! So be sure to come back for more smart shopping tips!!

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