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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Generic Foods...Harmful??

I know that grocery costs are sky rocketing, so there are many who turn to the store brand, or other generic brands.
What is this doing to your body versus your budget?

The best food that you could buy is organic foods...yet though they are the best for you, they are also the most expensive.

So if you eat non-organic foods already, generic is not going to hurt you, and it will help your wallet!

Generic foods are usually only cents less than brand name foods, however cents adds up over time!

You could try making the switch slowly, if you are switching to generic, only switch one product at a time. (this works if you are switching to organic as well)

Happy Shopping!! Go Fill those bellies!!

1 comment:

  1. I buy store brands a lot. I guess that would be considered generic. I especially like Publix brands, followed by Kroger. It's funny how we fall into patterns of buying. We do need to try new things occasionally. The best think I have going is what I did for lunch: walk outside, pick a tomato and make a sandwich for lunch. I am having it as we speak! Thanks for your tips. We can all use them! Sandra


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