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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Joy that Comes with Ramen Noodles


I know there are many people who overlook a meal made of Ramen noodles, however they are so very very cheap, they hardly make a dent in your wallet at all.

I realize that they may not be the most healthy meal in the world, and do have quite a lot of sodium, however you can buy the low sodium kind.

There are many ways to fix Ramen as well, so many in fact you could have Ramen 3 nights in a row and think you are having a new meal each time!

Ramen & Veggies

You could add your favorite veggies to your noodles to give it a little extra.
I like to add peas and corn, but I think you could add pretty much anything!

Chili Mac

Instead of using the flavor packet that comes with, throw it out and buy a can of
Chili. Top your Ramen off with Chili, and you can even throw in some cheese! It's Yummy!

Noodles & Potatoes

My husband enjoys mashed potatoes with his ramen. Just fix some mashed potatoes, put a little in the bottom of your bowl, top it with noodles and you have yummified Ramen!

Fried Ramen

I can never really get this quite right, however it is spectacularly yummy if you are a crunchy kind of person. All you do is throw a little water in a skillet and instead of boiling your noodles cook them on a skillet. Make them as crunchy as you like. You can either dump your flavoring over them while they cook or throw it out all together!

Ramen & Butter

Some people prefer just noodles and butter, so just cook your noodles the way you normally would leaving out the flavoring and replace it with butter!

So you see you could have Ramen virtually every night of the week and have it taste like a completely new meal. I do not recommend eating it every night, maybe throw it in with some of the other cheap meals I have listed on the Living Simplistically blog, and you are keeping your grocery bill to the cheaper side of things!

If you have any Ramen recipes and would like to share, please feel free to leave them in the comment section! I am always willing to try new things!


  1. When my son or I have a cold, instead of using the seasioning packet I boil it with with a few slivers of ginger, some broccoli and squeeze in a little lemon or lime juice when it's done.

  2. Just yesterday, I was wondering what to do with some ramen I have left over since becoming vegetarian and not being able to eat the seasoning packet! Coincidence...?

  3. (Lena)..
    That sounds yummy!!


  4. We usually just drain the water off after cooking and then add some butter and the seasoning packet. We have never for some reason eaten it as a soup type product.


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