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Monday, October 5, 2009

Doing a Little Saving a Lot

I have been researching new ways to save money both for my personal life and to share with you...I have realized that one of the things we do here at my home is use very little electricity...

So let's dive into some ways we can reduce the amount of electricity we use...

Did you know that everything looks the same in the dark as it does when the light is on! Yeah it's true...I used to be afraid of the dark, I know I'm a mom...and I'm scared of the dark...but not anymore...especially after I found out how much money I can save by turning the light off!

So I now sleep with the light off...all the lights...and when I get up to use the bathroom (I have one that is attached to my room) I leave the light off as well....I also try to light candles and use candle light at least one night a week....not only does it cut down on my electricity bill but it also lengthens the life of my light bulbs just a little!!

I also limit the amount of time my television is on. If you are like I was the TV was my "background" noise. My parents always had the TV on, and I guess since that is what I was used to I just continued to do the same thing. In fact I didn't even realize I was doing it until my husband pointed it out! I never knew how nice the quiet could be! We have the TV on only when we want to actually watch it now. When we are done watching it is shut off!

You can also save by unplugging your appliances (don't unplug your fridge though, your food will go bad!) because even though they are off they still use electricity!

It even makes a difference if you actually turn your computer off or if you only "put it to sleep" it uses much less energy when you turn it off...

These are the things I do to conserve energy and keep money in my wallet...If you have any energy saving ideas please leave them in the comment section!

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