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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

As the Season Changes

Looking out my window I can finally see AND feel the sun, and when I step outdoors I no longer have to fetch my jacket. Mother Nature then reminds me with all of her glorious colors that the time to make my yard beautiful once again is upon me. I am busy planning my gardens, and then will be busy planting, however in the planning process I am wondering if there is any way to beautify my yard and save money in the process. I have thought of some ways over the last few days, and since I love sharing ways to save money that is what I am planning to do.

My daughter recently turned 7 years old, this gave us reason to celebrate, and in the celebration we used paper cups. Instead of throwing all of those cups away I decided to use them to start my seedlings, thus saving me around $20.00 for the seedling cups. I have also decided to break up some styra-foam (I've tried spelling this word over and over and continue to get it wrong...someone help me please) and add it to some regular dirt from my yard to enhance the watering process this will save me from buying too much potting soil as I usually go a little over-board. One of my other goals is to learn how to separate my rose bushes so they can multiply and I won't have to pay someone else to do this because I was too lazy to learn on my own. My small little corner of the world also has a local florist/gardener who has made it her business to grow these beautiful creations we call flowers and sell them in the spring for much cheaper than I am able to find anywhere, including the big W, and therefore the flowers I do not already have but desperately want I will be purchasing for half the price I would have paid somewhere else.

If you have any other money saving tips for gardening, I am desperately in need, please leave them in the comment area. Your tips are greatly appreciated as is your readership :)
Happy Planting :)

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