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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Getting Back in the Swing

It has been awhile since I've actually sat down to write out a new post, so here it goes. I have pondered on what to write about to get "back in the swing" of things and I have to decided to firstly pose a question. Feel free to answer, it is not a rhetorical question :)
I have been writing about ways to save everyone money, now I am wondering if you are interested in learning how to make just a little extra money in your absolute spare time. There is even a way to earn a little extra without doing anything extra! So would you be interested in learning what I know? I have thought about starting a new blog for this purpose, but then I thought people who want to learn how to create and maintain a budget and learn how to save money probably would like to learn how to gain more money as well.
Now I will tell you a little tid-bit of information I have learned from very extensive research over the net on ways to make a little extra to help out with the bills, or at least reduce some of the expenses we have and I have learned quite a lot. I want to share the earn some without any extra effort site first and then if you want to know more I will post more about this subject.

There is an AMAZING (and sometimes even life-saving) site called Swagbucks. This site is such a blessing in so many ways, you see Swagbucks is actually a search and redeem site where you will be equipped with a toolbar that is loaded with a search bar and a messaging system. You then use the search bar and win what they call "swagbucks" (which is virtual currency) that you can then spend in the "Swag store." They have tons of cool stuff in the "Swag Store" such as gift cards, electronics, stuff for kids, clothing, and so much more! I have completely switched the way I use the internet and it is now a habit that I am no longer aware that I do. I use the search bar every time I want to go to a new web page. It's pretty much like a google search and if you type in the name of the site you want it will come up in the search list, you then click on the site you were looking for and go on with your internet endeavors. However you will also win "swagbucks" sometimes and they build up fast!

If you are interested in getting a little help with your family's expenses, buying things and never having to actually spend a dime (because of the swag store and because swagbucks is ABSOLUTELY FREE) I urge you to join!

Search & Win

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