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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Living With Next to Nothing

It's not new news, but it is news. There are still many many people who are living without. That means living without luxuries, and even living without some necessities. The economy doesn't seem to be getting any better. I was looking over our finances recently and decided we too would have to tighten the budget strings once again.

It has been so bad in the past that I've skipped meals, and sometimes skipped eating for a whole day or days so that I could feed my little ones. Luckily it isn't that rough for us right now, but it is still rough.

It seems that every time you get ahead just a little tiny bit, something else breaks down and piles on the "have to spend money to fix" list. As soon as life gets the least bit comfortable something else goes wrong, which causes a waterfall effect and everything else follows.

Now I've talked about the envelope budget in the past, which is something we have once again implemented into our family. I've also talked about freezer cooking as a way to save money which is another thing we are back to doing. I would now like to talk about some quick fixes I've found recently since my roof has decided it's time to leak, my husband's truck broke down, we have bills to pay and children to feed, and a house to keep up with.

You know, I never really understood when my Dad would talk about keeping up with the house. Why would you constantly need to keep up with something that just sits there. I now know completely what he is talking about, especially when you have two very creative children. I happen to have a three year old artist living in my home, who thinks the walls are his empty canvas.

To Quick-Fix a Leaky Roof
This is not meant to be a permanent fix, but it will hold you over until you can save enough cash to afford a new roof.
You can find large buckets of roof cement at your local hardware store. That cement molds to the shape of your roof, just like actual cement only this is more like a tar. It is especially helpful if you have a flat roof. All you have to do is spread it over the area that is leaking and the leak will stop. It is waterproof so you can even apply it in the rain. It is better to apply roof cement during warmer weather for easier spreading.

Be careful while climbing onto your roof! This is something you can do yourself so you also save money by not hiring someone else.

As I mentioned before this is not a permanent solution, but it will stop the leak for awhile and protect the wood that is under your shingles from any water damage which also saves you money because you then don't have to replace that too.

Cheap Cleaning Solution

I know this has nothing to do with the quick fix for the roof and it's a little out of place but I wanted to throw it in there.

I have found that those lysol cleaning wipes can get a little pricey, (you can buy 9 40oz bottles for $25.65 from Amazon) and I have found a solution to save you some money. Instead of buying the wipes, why not use an old spray bottle and mix some of the liquid lysol with water. You can then spray it on and wipe it off. This allows you to get so much more cleaning solution for such a smaller price, the only difference is that it requires just a little more work.

All you have to do is mix 1 part liquid soap with 3 parts water, screw on the cap, and start cleaning! Make sure to label your spray bottle appropriately so your cleaning solution doesn't get mixed up with something else!

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