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Monday, February 14, 2011

Proven Ways to Work From Home (Part One)


(Proven by me...I want you to know that the only way a site gets the luxury of having their link added to this page is because I have tried their site, and gotten paid....I will also let you know of the scam sites I come across.)

It took me awhile to decide whether or not I would share my working online experiences with the readers of Living Simplistically because I wasn't sure if working online fit in the main goal of this blog. I have decided that making more money allows for a more simplistic (worry-free) life, so yes I am going to share how to make a little extra income.

The first site I want to share with you is one that I have been working with for a little over 2 years now. I HAVE been paid every single month for the entire time I have been working with them, and I've been paid whether it was $0.50 or $50.00 on the 15th of every month they have transferred money to my paypal account.

So interested yet? The site is Triond and if you would like to join you can click on this link to become my referral.  I will also be sharing tips to improve your earnings with Triond, things I have learned over the past 2 years. I am still learning as well, but I have made some pretty great progress.

Here is my payment proof:

Just click on the picture to view it larger.

As you can see some months have been better than others, and I am also still improving. 

Triond is a site that allows you to publish articles, pictures, videos, music, how-to's, stories, or whatever else you could imagine. You then get paid for the content you publish, and you continue to get paid for that content for every month your content is published on their site. 

I love it because even the articles I wrote and pictures I published in April of 2008 are still bringing in money for me.

Triond does all the advertising that is needed, and if you want to advertise to it only ups the amount of views you receive and brings in more money for you. 

It's also a great way to get your name out there if writing is something you see for yourself in the future. Triond can be a great way to build a fan base.

Triond has a wonderful community of people, and very simple, easy to use layout, and very helpful forum discussion groups and support.

The best part is that joining is free, and you NEVER pay to be a part of the community. They do the paying, you do the writing or creating! 

If you have any questions at all, please ask.
...and just in case the above payment proof is not enough, here is proof from my paypal account: 
Just click on the picture to enlarge.
Remember if you would like to join as my referral just click this link:  

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  1. Hi, nice to see your proof.. can you please tel me the other ways. where from i can earn online....

    In your proof i think there are some other useful ways to earn online... I will very thankgul to you if you can share or Email me.

  2. Hi Adobs,
    There are many ways to earn money online, this is just the first part.

    I will be posting the others soon, for now if you want to check out my article on The Top 4 Get Paid to Write Sites just follow this link:

    I will also e-mail you, and I'd be willing to help you in any way possible!


  3. Does this site provide a follow link for your articles?

  4. Divorce is a life changing event. Especially for those who were previously homemakers, so a work from home job may be a great choice!

  5. Congratulations for posting such a useful blog. Your blog isn't only informative but also extremely artistic too. There usually are extremely couple of individuals who can write not so easy articles that creatively. Keep up the good writing


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