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Monday, February 28, 2011

Reuse Reduce: Reycle Your Water Bottles

The members of my family are water drinkers. We can't go a day without it, and shouldn't! It's good for the body. We also love milk, but are unwilling to drink regular milk (they can keep their blood and puss) we go with Organic. 

What made us switch to drinking so much water

Well my husband and I drank nothing but soda for quite some time, and my kids got water/juice/milk however we noticed our 3 year old son sneaking sips of our soda when we weren't looking. Soon this problem got to the point that we could hardly control the amount of soda he was drinking, so we made a life change and kicked the caffeine. 

We are big fans of Nestle Pure Life Water, in the 24 pack of bottles, however we go through so much of it that it actually cost more for us to switch from soda to water! So I came up with a plan :) 

I now buy a 24 pack of Nestle Pure Life and a couple of the jugs of Nestle Pure Life. I fill the empty ones back up with water from the jug, that way they are still easy to grab-and-go, but the jug costs half the price of the 24 pack!  It does take a little time, so I fill the bottles whenever I have time, or sometimes I'll just rinse out the bottle when someone gets finished with it and fill it back up right away. 

Do you have any money saving suggestions when it comes to your drinking water?

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