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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Writing For Triond (My Goal)

So if you haven't heard (look back at old blog posts) I write for Triond. I have 190 articles published there, so very very close to 200.

My goal right now is 1000 articles by the end of 2011.

My problem...I'm running out of ideas!

My smaller goal...200 articles by next week....that's manageable I think :)

So my question to all the Living Simplistically readers, could you help me out with ideas?
Is there anything you need advice about, want to learn more about but don't have time to research, or just something interesting?

I would greatly appreciate the help!

I also wanted to know what everyone thinks about having contests here at Living Simplistically...with prizes...either cash or other gifts...possibly gift cards....what do you think?

I really hope to get some feedback!

Oh and make sure you follow this blog so you can keep up with all the latest posts and learn about the up and coming contest!


  1. Thank you for introducint Triond to me! I have been searching for more ways to earn money on the side, and I am hoping that Triond will work for me. I went to the link you posted on an earlier blog, and watched the intro video - I guess I just can't seem to grasp how we make any money off of what we write. I would love to hear more about this experience from you, when you have the chance, could you swing me an email @ Greatly appreciated :) Also, it really helped that you posted actual proof of what you have been making.

  2. Oh, I forgot to post some ideas for you:

    *what all you can do with Baking Soda (or any other cheap item that can multi-task)
    *how lipstick is made
    *lifecycle of a star (not a celebrity, but the ones in the sky lol)
    *popular ice cream flavors from around the world
    *what makes coffee caffinated, and how they can decaffinate it

    Hope these help!

  3. lol, wow, I have posted on here three times already - I forgot to say that I have awarded you a blogger award :D see my blog for details!

  4. Thanks!! I will check out your blog and be e-mailing you shortly....todays the day to pick up my daughters girl scout cookies :) So the email will come tonight :)


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