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Monday, March 21, 2011

12 Common Scams That Target College Kids

This article was presented to me by Emma Taylor. 

  There are many people who have no shame making money by scamming innocent people. I don't understand it, and I don't understand how those people are able to sleep. 

  In my mind it would take more work to pull off a scam than to just make money a legitimate way, but whatever. 

  The staff of Accredited Online Colleges did a wonderful job bringing some of those scams that target college-aged people to light. My hope is that through this information people will become aware of the dangers that lie within the use of the internet. 

12 Common Scams That Target College Kids

There’s a lot of room for growing pains in college, from switching your majors to learning how to juggle work and school to living on your own. And while figuring out your personal finances is also good practice in college, certain scams threaten to turn an honest mistake into something much worse, even illegal. From diploma mills to phishing on job boards to scary credit card deals, here are 12 common scams that target college kids– scams that every student should know about to safeguard their identity and bank account information.

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