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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Buck List: Very Helpful Blogger Award

As I was stumbling some blogs today, I found a really cool post on a blog called The Buck List. Where the author, Buck Weber has put together a list of 10 Places to Sell Books Online which I found helpful.

I thought that it was worth mentioning here at Living Simplistically just in case you were looking for another blog for money making ideas, and also if you were searching for a great place to sell the books that are just taking up space and collecting dust in your at home library.

Thanks Mr. Weber, for sharing your knowledge!! We are proud to present you with the Very Helpful Blogger Award!


Rules for this award are as follows.

Write 3 Reasons You Enjoy Helping People

You can choose to add this award to your blog if you would like. 

It is now your job to find a very helpful blogger and give them this award.

*Remember to post who you've awarded and let us at Living Simplistically know so we can check them out too!

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