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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Get Into the Web Design Business

  If you've ever wanted to start your own web design business, or maybe web design is just something your interested in and never really thought of profiting from, there is a new partnership site that allows you to start your own website design business in 7 days. 

  Sitebuilder Reseller Edition, from Siteria allows you to start your own website design and web hosting site where you can design sites for your clients or allow them to design them on their own. You can also charge your clients for hosting their sites through your account with Siteria and your clients will never know because Siteria always stays invisible. Your clients will only see your brand name. Your account allows you your own private-label website, which means you can become branded. If you already have your own web design business you can add to your existing business and offer your clients custom services.

What does Sitebuilder offer you?
Instant Client Sign-up
Biz Transparency
30 Day Free Trials
(which you can offer your clients)
Client management
Domain Name Registration
(Sell domain names through the optional 3rd party domain system)
Quality Designs
Easy Billing Setup
Unparalleled Support

With the Website Rebuilder you can count on:
Easy Updates
Online Forms
Elegant Designs
Email Marketing Tools
Member Areas
Image Galleries
Search Engine Optimization
Community Tools

  You can make money as a website builder reseller. Your brand will be the only thing your clients see. The power behind your site will always be invisible. Siteria even offers a money back guarantee. If you are interested in making money, and web design is something you've considered but couldn't find an outlet now you have one! What are you waiting for? Sign up now.


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