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Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello Everyone :)

 I returned yesterday from a wonderful weekend journey! My mother-in-law, and 2 sisters-in-law attended a women's conference over the weekend. It was a Kathy Troccolli conference. Of course it was powerful, and very uplifting. Kathy is great!

  While away I came to a conclusion, this blog is great but when I write I don't come off personal enough. That is my goal, to be personal, not robotic.

   I may need your help in some instances, maybe remind me when you see I've posted something that reflects a robot :)

   I also want to say thank you to all of my loyal readers ;) You guys rock!

  Had fun, but really glad to be home :) ,
Alaina E.

1 comment:

  1. Glad to hear you had a great outting with the other ladies in your life :) sometimes we just need a little bit of alone time, and sometimes we just need girl time!

    Not personal enough eh? I'm not all quite sure what you mean, but I think your blog is great :)


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