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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Leap Frog Replaces Broken Leapster2

  My son received a Leapster 2 for Christmas this past year (2010) which he loved! He was already obsessed with his sister's DS and the Leapster 2 was the closest thing I could find for his age group (3) to a DS. 

  Since we purchased the Leapster 2 on Black Friday it only cost $25 which was a steal at 50% off the original price of $50.

  He played with his hand held game system almost every day until the screen stopped responding to the stylus. When this happened I checked the Leapster help website to see how to fix it. I was encouraged to calibrate the screen, however this did not help. Finally, at my wit's end I emailed the staff at Leap Frog telling them about the issue. They quickly responded with advice to return the product to the store if I was an in-store warranty or to let them know if I didn't. I told them that I didn't, and they asked that I write a reference number on the screen of the Leapster 2, take a picture of it, and attach it to an email to send to them. 

  Once again they quickly responded with an email informing me that my replacement Leapster 2 would arrive in 10-15 days! 

  I was both impressed and surprised. I have never worked with a company so quickly and they were extremely helpful. They are replacing the Leapster 2 absolutely free, and they even apologized! This company definitely knows how to keep it's customers happy!

Thank you Leap Frog!

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