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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Living Simplistically Follower of the Day

  (I borrowed the main idea, and adapted it to my own,  of this new series from a fellow blogger, Amie, thank you Amie!)

Today's Follower of the Day is Amie (Day-Dreamin' Optimist) of course, for writing an article that sprouted this idea in my mind. 

Amie joined the blogging world a mere month ago, and has been entertaining the world with her writing ever since. Well she entertains me that's for sure!
Amie's blog A Meaning of an Optimist: "Day-dreamer more elegantly spelled"- M.Twain is where Amie writes about everything from her relationship with the Lord, her many blessings, her wonderful followers and friends, her life and everything else she wants to write about. 

She has a talent and we are lucky she is sharing her skills with us. Thank you Amie.


  1. Oh Alaina, this just made my, WEEK! I am so honored :) also to be your first follower on this new dandy site of yours. I truly hope that more people will be able to see your helpful posts - I have learned so much from you as it is.
    I love the idea of this! Plus, that is a very cute clip-art picture to symbolize the post :) very crafty, and what a thoughtful idea!
    Thank you, girl!

  2. Amie you were chosen first because you gave me the idea, and because you have been a great support on my blogging journey! I truly appreciate your readership and your comments, they are always thoughtful. Thank you! (and your welcome for the post :) But you deserve it!)


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