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Friday, March 4, 2011

Proven Ways to Work From Home (Part Six)

Amazon Mechanical Turk

   There is a well hidden secret , and that secret is Amazon Mechanical Turk. A branch of Amazon and a place for you to make some extra cash.

   At Amazon Mechanical Turk (or mturk) you will find Human Intelligence Tasks, or HITs. These are assignment that you can work on and get paid for. The assignments range from finding a specific website to adding annotations to a picture. Some assignments take very little time, others are a little more time consuming.

   Keep in mind "You get out of it what you put in." 

   The money you earn  goes into your Amazon account balance, and in most cases this happens as soon as your work is completed and accepted. The HITs are pre-paid therefore if you do an assignment correctly you are sure to get your money. Your earnings can then be transferred to an gift card balance or your can transfer them to your bank account, if you reside in the United States.


1. After registering  your account, search through the available HITs. (There are currently over 87,000 HITs available!) 

2. Click on the HIT you are interested in and accept the assignment. After accepting to work on the assignment follow the instructions of the particular HIT you are interested in.

3. Once the assignment is completed click the submit button, and get paid!

Until the next edition of Proven Ways to Work From Home, good luck with your money making endeavors! 

If you have any questions, please, don't hesitate to ask! 

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  1. Whoa! I haven't heard of this yet - this sounds promising :) I think I may check it out. Have you had much luck with it yet?

  2. I haven't worked it a whole lot, enough to pay for one of my son's Christmas presents. :)

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