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Monday, March 7, 2011

Proven Ways to Work From Home (Part Seven)

   Blujay is another of the well kept online secrets. It's not advertised well, but does have an excellent community. The only reason I can think of for the lack of advertisement is because the site provides all of it's services completely free

   What are the services they provide? Blujay is a free auction site. When I say free I mean that it is free to list and sell items, it is free to create an account, and it is free to buy items. The items you purchase are not free but there are no site attached fees, and there are no fees to look around their site. 

   The items you list for sale never expire, so you can have them listed for as long as it takes you to sell them absolutely free. You create your own Blujay store, that comes with a store front which you can customize by adding your own banner giving your store a personal and professional touch. 

   Buyers can pay for their purchases using Paypal or Google checkout, and I also believe items can be paid for with credit or debit cards as well. The seller can choose which methods of payment they would like to receive. The seller also decides the cost of shipping if they are going to charge for shipping, or the seller can list their item with free shipping. 

   Blujay also offers buttons that link back to your site, or links so that you have the freedom of promoting your store as you see fit. There is also a front page of Blujay that your item will appear on for a limited time. 

   If you are currently using ebay to sell your items, you could use Blujay on the side until you are able to inform your customers of your new store, then switch entirely to a free account with Blujay and give up paying the fees that are associated with ebay. 

   Visit if you have any questions, or would like more information. 

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