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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Proven Ways to Work From Home (Part Eight)

  While searching for a good place to borrow pictures and photos from I came across a site called Allposters

  Allposters is a site that sells posters, art prints, and photo prints. They offer an affiliate program, which you can use to add pictures to your site, blog, or article and earn money when people order that print from the link that is embedded in the code of the picture you added to your site. Essentially if someone clicks on the picture and then buys it you get paid. 
  Allposters will pay you a commission for every picture, poster, or piece of artwork that sells when someone clicks on the link that goes with the picture you have placed on your site. I currently use them just for the quality of art I am able to find on their site, however imagine if you wrote articles about artwork or interior decorating! Talk about targeted traffic!

  The pay out happens when your payment reaches $20.00 if you live in the United States. If you are from another country you will get paid at a $100.00 payment threshold. Payments are then mailed via check to your home address. 
A Little More In Depth

  After registering your account and logging in simply click on link builder. 

<--You will then be able to choose what type of link you would like to use. 

My favorite is the static link because it features one product and since I use Allposters mainly as a source of good artwork, a rotating link wouldn't work for me. 

You can find the static link or rotating link option after clicking on product links.

Once you've chosen the type of link you can search for pictures that relate to your site by using the search options. (Do give the site a minute to search through their many categories. It does take just a little bit to load.)

After you've found the perfect image to fit your needs simply click on Get HTML.
A box will pop up with the code you need. 

  If you would like the image to be larger you can mark larger image and click submit inside the pop up box with the HTML. The box will then reload with the larger image and the new code. 

Payment Proof
  I do hope you will enjoy using the many advantages of Allposters as I do! 

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