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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Save Money On Landscaping

  With warm weather right around the corner, it is just about time to get out those gardening tools and start your flower beds.

Buy at  If you are looking for a gardener, why not save your money and do it yourself. Planting flowers can be very relaxing, it allows you to "get in the zone."

  You can also save money on borders for your gardens by going rock hunting. By looking for your own rocks you get to choose your selection, each rock has the potential to mean something, and it's fun. I have a friend who travels frequently and has picked up a few rocks on each journey he takes. He then uses those rocks to form his gardens or flower beds and he has a story to tell for each set of rocks.

  Take your children to a local stream, it's a wonderful place for rock hunting. Be sure to wear play clothes because chances are they are going to get wet and probably dirty.

  You could save so much money by doing the work yourself. I guess this concept applies to many things, and rock hunting is one of the fun ones!

Cherry Tree Blossoms Over Rock Garden...
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