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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Save on Gas with 10 Easy Steps

It goes without saying that everyone has a goal related to saving gas. Gas prices are rising, so you'd be crazy not to try to save in this area!

The easy part is deciding to make an effort saving, the hard part is coming up with ways to save gas. I'm gonna take some of that confusion away, here is a list of 9 things you can do to save gas in today's vehicle filled world. 

-Drive a car with good gas mileage.
This goes without saying, however you should know that while a hybrid is better for the world it may not be better on your budget at the moment. Hybrid's aren't the only vehicles that get good gas mileage, though they do save you money. 
Toyota makes some pretty good cars with good gas mileage. The Corolla is rated to get 35 mpg! 

-Plan Ahead
Make a grocery list, and an errands list then plan on going shopping and running errands in the same day. Doing this not only saves you gas, but it also saves you time. 

Of course this would be on the list as an obvious. If you can find someone you work with or go to school with that doesn't live far from you carpool. Ride together, and split gas. You could switch weeks where one of you drives your vehicle one week and the next they drive theirs that also helps keep the miles on your vehicle down. 

If you live close enough to walk, do so! You could also ride a bike. It's good exercise.

-Order in
If you are craving some out-to-eat food, or you just don't want to cook, before hopping into your vehicle why not consider ordering in! 

-Fill up your gas tank
When your car is full you aren't making as many trips to the gas station. It really does cost less to spend more once rather then spend little amounts 5 or 6 times during the week. 

-Use discount cards
If you have a gas discount card use it. Walmart offers a 3% discount on gas when you use one of their gift cards. Hyvee also offers a discount if you bring your receipt from grocery shopping to the gas station. 

-Use Fuel Injector cleaner
It helps to use this once a month, and it's fairly inexpensive. 

-Keep up with your oil changes
Your car runs better and uses less gas when you take care of it properly.

-Check GasBuddy 
for the lowest prices on gas in your area.


  1. Ahh gas prices are rising :( it's about $3.50 where we live (washington) - oh, I remember the day when I could fill up my car on $20. Now it has become $50. Yikes!
    Thank you for posting this, Alaina! I didn't know that there were half of these options out there (I didn't even know that changing the oil helps with gas). Thank you, thank you!

  2. Hello, yes Gas prices are at sky high as of today!Here is a link that might help you all out and give you tips on saving energy! and HOPE THIS HELPS!


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