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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Update: Proven Ways to Work From Home


  I just wanted to let everyone know that tomorrow I will be publishing 2 editions of Proven Ways to Work From Home. I'm very excited about the new opportunities I will be sharing. Just a little more work to do on the articles before I am going to share them. 

  I look forward to hearing your feedback. 

  Do you find this series helpful? Is it something I should continue, or is it just a space filler

  What do you want, more coupons and savings or more ways to make money? 


  1. Alaina, your blog is VERY helpful and definitely not a space filler! This series you are doing has been most helpful, and I thank God that He has given you such a heart to help others financially. You have a knack :).

    For me, I would like to hear more on saving money and making money. Keep it up, girl! I'll be looking forward to your upcoming posts

  2. Thank you Amie, My goal is to help at least one person. If I can do that it's well worth my time. :)

    I will continue.


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