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Friday, March 11, 2011

We Could Learn a Little Something From the Amish

  I read a very tragic story in the news yesterday, of an Amish family who lost their home and six of their seven children to a fire. The father was out collecting milk and the mother doing laundry when the children, whom were left home to watch television, smelled smoke. One of the children ran to get the parents leaving the other six behind. The parents after being informed, called 911 however by the time emergency services arrived it was to late. 

  Reading this news article made me think of the Amish people living in my area. I thought it was odd that the children were left home to watch television because the Amish that live in my neck of the woods do not own televisions, nor do they drive vehicles. They choose to live in simplicity. The Amish that reside in communities near me drive horse-drawn buggies. They make their own clothing, and grow or raise their own food. 

  Some may wonder how this is possible, however Amish people believe very strongly in the way they choose to live their lives. So strongly that there are still Amish communities living as simplistically as they did many years ago. If you were to ask an Amish person if they were aware of the latest trends or hottest actor/actress chances are they wouldn't have a clue, nor would they care. They live their lives surrounded by necessities. They are not weighted down by the worries of this fast-paced competitive world. They know exactly where their next meal is coming from and how they will attain it. 

  The lesson we can observe and learn is that things are meaningless. Looking at life from an Amish perspective we would see less is more. They have more money because they waste less. Yet they do not need that money because they have very little wants.

  What if we were to change one simple aspect of our life to reflect that of the Amish? If we were to give up our luxurious shopping spree's or grow our own vegetables, imagine the money we would save. If we were to stop trying to keep up with "The Jones'" imagine the stress that would be lifted from our shoulders. However we could not achieve that release of frustration without also changing our way of thinking. 

  I challenge you to go one month without shopping for anything except the necessities. Could you do it?  



  1. Now that I am reading this, I realize that I completely overlooked the tragedy this family went through. I would like to say that I am sorry, I didn't focus on the actual happenings because it wasn't what this article is about, however I am sorry for the family.

    That is a terrible thing that happened and may God be with them.

  2. My heart goes out to those lose that many children in one day. At least one was spared! Lord, thank you for sparing that one child for them.

    You know, I have always pondered on what it would be like being amish - I think it would be liberating. Very liberating.

  3. I agree, in fact I said a little prayer for that family as soon as I read the article. My heart aches for them, I could not imagine the pain they are feeling.

    I agree living the Amish way would be liberating :)

  4. Okay, I call bull shit. An Amish family would not have a television for their children to be watching. Therefore, your story is a lie, and you are a liar. You are on my shit-list for life. Cunt.

  5. Wow, rude much? And...if your interested here's the link to the story...


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