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Saturday, March 19, 2011

What's With PTC Sites? and Why Aren't They Featured on Living Simplistically?

  I recently became a member of a site known as Link Referral, which is basically a blog sharing social network type thing. Being a member of the site is beneficial when you are active, and participate by reviewing other sites. I was reviewing the money making opportunities sites, just to see what was offered out there. With the Proven Ways to Work From Home series it is my goal to bring you the best ways to make money out there, and I make sure they are legit before I decide to share them with you. 

  I came across mostly promotional pages for PTC sites, which are "Paid to Click" sites. What that means is that you sign up for a PTC site, that site then gives you suggested ads to click, and you get paid to click on the ads and stay on the page for a set number of seconds. In my experience paid to click doesn't pay much. There are many paid to click sites that do pay, however their pay rate is around $0.001. Yep that's right a tenth of a cent for one click. HOW IS ANYONE EVER GOING TO MAKE ANY MONEY THAT WAY? Why would anyone waste their time when there are so many other much better paying ways to make money available? 

  I have come to the conclusion, perhaps those people who actively use PTC sites don't realize that there are many other ways to make money online....So now I am even more inspired to share the message of the many much better paying ways to make some money. 

  What do you think? What is your experience with PTC? Do you think that they are worth the time, do you use them?

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