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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why Volunteer, and Live off the Government?

I met a single mother yesterday who lives in a really crappy apartment with her two children. Now I understand that money is hard to come by these days and there are fewer and fewer jobs, but I do not understand how this woman is able to support her family from volunteer work.

 She spends her days volunteering at a local thrift store that supports feeding and clothing the less fortunate in our community. While I think that volunteering for this charity is an honorable thing to do, I do not understand how she has justified replacing a real job with this act. Instead of getting a job that pays she chooses to live on FIP and foodstamps. Her children get Title 19, so basically she is living completely on welfare. It isn't that she is incapable of getting an actual job, she just chooses not to.

 She is able to afford a $320/month rent as well as cable, but does not have a vehicle. Why would anyone want to keep themselves down? If you have the opportunity to work, meaning if you are already taking your children to a daycare in order for you to volunteer for free, why not get paid for those hours you are spending away from your children?

  This is something I don't understand the government supporting. How is it possible that we are all okay with handing people who choose to be lazy a check? (Because the place she volunteers is not very hard work at all, simply sit behind a register and be a cashier.) I think it should be mandatory for all who volunteer and are not attending school to have a paying job also. I do not think that volunteering without another means to gain money should be allowed.

What do you think?

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