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Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Birthday

Yep that's right, today is my daughter's 8th birthday :)

I wanted to let everyone know I will not be posting until later because it's a pretty special day in this house...tonight: sleepover, tomorrow: roller skating (with 8 girls!) 

I could use some prayers if your up to it ;)
(and this is what she actually looks like:)


  1. I hope you made it through the festivities in one piece. Born on April first, eh? Did you have to make sure the doctor wasn't kidding?

  2. You have such a cutie for a daughter! I love funny kid faces :) I hope she had an excellent birthday

  3. @Andrew, I did make it through, though I'm not sure that we will ever use that skating rink for bday parties small of a space for so many people!

    My mom actually thought I was pulling a prank on her when I called to tell her to come to the hospital :) ... and so did the doctors until they realized I really was in labor. lol

    @Amie, Aww, thanks ;) She did have a wonderful birthday.


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