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Sunday, April 3, 2011


  I have a job interview today:) I am a little nervous because I've done nothing but stay home for the past 4 years and make money online for the past 2. However I feel it is time to get out of the house at least a little bit, so I applied to be a barista at a coffee house. 

  Both of my children will be attending school this coming year, and we could use the money, but even more than that I could use the sanity of adult conversation and 4 different walls to look at for awhile. 

  I will continue Living Simplistically, don't worry about that! However do pray this goes well, I really want it! 

  I will post tonight the outcome of the interview....and coming soon: Proven Ways to Work From Home (Part Sixteen) .. Trading ..

  Trading is done via the FreeLunchRoom and can get quite confusing, so the sixteenth part of the Proven Ways to Work From Home Series will be discussing the how to do's and what not to do's. 

Off to get ready for the interview ;)


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