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Monday, April 4, 2011

Proven Ways to Work From Home (Part Sixteen)

Freebie Trading
When I thought of this edition for the series I had FreeLunchRoom in mind which is the trading forum I learned and earned from. Sadly they are non-existent now, therefore I am doing research on other freebie trading forums. I would like to say that I do know you can make money with this tactic, and I will go ahead and teach you the terms and how to in a general sense. I will also link to some of the trading forums I've been referred to, but I want to tell you I haven't been in the trading game for some time and I have not personally used these forums. 
Trading Glossary
Terms to Learn

"Going Green" or to "go green":
When someone offers you a chance to "go green" for them or you choose to contact them to "go green" on their site, you are offering to become their referral. To "go green" means that you successfully complete the requirements for that person to get paid. The site you have been referred to will let you know when you "go green" as will the person who referred you!

When you sign up under someone else, allowing them to have credit for sending you to a specific site, you are a referral for them.

Offers are essentially ads. When you sign up under someone in order to "go green" you have to complete offers. [[KEEP READING YOU WILL REGRET IT IF YOU DON'T]] You will try out new products [[some are FREE others are very inexpensive and essentially free to you so please continue to read and find out how!]]
*The person who referred you will pay you for being their referral so basically you are trying a new product/service for free!
If you like the service/product you can keep it and if you don't you can cancel!

TR [[Trade Rating]]:
This is the number of successful trades you have made. Once you complete a site for someone they will give you feedback and other users can view the feedback to know how trustworthy you are. This is good because it gives you the comfort of knowing you can basically do a "background check" on a trader before you commit to a trade!

Someone who offers payment or other compensation for your services. Most likely this will be the person you will make contact with in order to begin a freebie offer and this is also the person who will compensate you for "going green."
Trader Threads:
A thread is a posted message in a forum. Traders usually create one thread and then bump it once or twice throughout each day. It is how they post the offers they are willing to pay for. You can find all the information in order for a specific trader to pay you in their thread.

Getting Started

Once you have decided if you would like to start getting paid or building your TR, you will go into the forum and search traders threads. Once you find a thread you like or a site you would like to complete you need to contact the trader and let them know you would like to complete their site for them.

Traders are very nice and very willing to work with "newbies", if you have any more questions that I haven't answered by the end of this page feel free to ask anyone! They are all very willing to walk you through the trading process!

Once you have initiated the trade, you will go to the Trade Manager (if there is one in the forum you trade on.) and make sure the trader has set up the trade. If the trader has successfully set up the trade you will be able to see it in your Trade Manager and also to let the Trade Manager know that you in fact did initiate a trade.

Once you are finished with the Trade Manager you then go to the specified site and sign up under the trader that sent you there. It's very important to make sure you are in fact being referred to the site! It should say somewhere on the page that so and so referred you to that site)

After signing up for the site you then look through the offers (You can also preview the offers before you initiate the trade to make sure there is something you are interested in!) and when you find one you like complete the offer.

Once you completed the specified amount of offers to "go green" then you wait. The key to this is lots of patience. It may take time for your offers to clear and you to receive credit!

After receiving credit, and the site says you are you should contact the trader and let them know you are "green" on their site. They will then pay you the amount specified when you initiated the trade!

My Recommendations to be Successful
1)Always check the person you will be trading with before initiating a trade! Do this by checking their profile page, and the traders TR rating.

2) I recommend only starting one site at a time. In my opinion it's easier to keep track of everything when you are only trying to "go green" on one site at a time.

3) When you complete an offer make sure that you write it down somewhere along with the cancellation number, and any other important information. This helps you keep track of who should be paying you, what you have done, and all other information. <---THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

4) I can't stress the patience thing enough! It's very important to have patience while going green! While you are waiting you could always make yourself known throughout the forum! Everyone there is really nice and most are addicted to FLR so there will always be someone and something to talk about! 

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