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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stop Bashing Stay At Home Moms

There are so many who think they understand the simple job of a stay at home mom. Belittling the everyday tasks that mother's who choose to put aside their careers to take on an even greater task of raising their children. Referring to those mother's as lazy, having nothing to fill their days with, and wasting their time when they could spend it earning money.

I say P'shaw!

It is a noble deed to realize the importance of caring and raising up your children. Mother's who see and acknowledge this and have the luxury to prioritize this task above making money should be respected. Not every person could mentally take on this voyage, and those that can and are willing should not be looked down upon.

I am now a working mother, with a part-time job, however I spent over 4 years caring for my family. Sure I did the occasional side job, however my priority remained my children and my family. Now that I have entered the working world I hear many women complain about mother's who choose to stay home. Speaking of how lazy they must be spending their days on the sofa watching soaps. I simply smile and nod, silently laughing to myself because as an experienced stay at home mother I wish I had had time to sit on the sofa watching soaps. It's amazing that there a so many who seem to think that a home takes care of itself and children are just there they need no looking after.

Please if you are one who looks down on those that choose homemaker as their career status keep in mind these things:

Children are both wonderful and wonderfully challenging.
A house does not clean itself.
There are always dishes to do.
There is always laundry to do.
It's not fun cleaning toilets.
Bedtime is a chore.
Conversation is kept at a child level most of the time.
There are always toys to pick up,
Clothes to fold,
Monsters to scare away,
Stories to read,
Homework to be done,
Fights to settle,
Noses to wipe,
Scrapes to fix,
Windows to wash,
Floors to sweep and mop,
Shelves to dust,
Errands to run,
Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner to make,
Snacks to prepare,
Baseball practice to attend,
Ball games to attend,
Dance recitals to watch,
Church events to go to,
Do I really need to continue?

So the next time that you think that stay at home mothers don't do a thing...why not think again. Remember the list, think about the things that go undone and the time you miss out on with your children while you are making money. Think about who your children will remember the most from their childhood. Who is it that is there to kiss the boo-boo's, see the first steps, hear the first words, wipe away the tears, scare away the monsters, and tuck in your children at night? Aren't those things much more important that a brand spanking new Mercedes...of course the bills have to be paid, and for those single parents I commend you for taking on both of the parenting roles and paying the bills! My hat goes off to for those married women or men who think staying at home with your children is just a cop-out for laziness....well I do hope after reading this you will change your mind.


  1. I agree wholeheartedly. It's not that people look down on it but the fact that they underestimate the importance of the role. One type of stay at home parent can just plop the kids down in front of the TV all day and let them be.

    However an engaged mom/dad with a plan for their children developments can develope activities and care with a purpose every day. So "staying" at home is a lot more thand just doing chores.

  2. So true! Thanks for posting this Alaina! I shared it on my facebook wall. Enjoy your weekend! Aimee

  3. The list is endless and can be very sterssful and very exhausting for staying home moms. Unfortunately, many people who work full time still do not understand and never will how hard is to take care of your children and at the same time take care of the house, all the errands and in the end of yourself. Sadly, those people will be there to critisize and disrespect the responsibilities of staying home moms.

    Very good article Alaina

    Enjoy your week ahead,

  4. Well-spoken! This makes me swell with happiness just reading this because I hope to be a future stay at home mom. Hard work!

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