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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Progress: A Movement Toward a Goal

All Lumber-$94
Latex Bonding Adhesive-$46
Putty (for drywall)-$6
Roof Tar-$5
Other Roofing Materials-$15
6" Stove Pipe for going through the ceiling-$40
Interior Door-$50

Those were our purchases for this week. We spent quite a bit, and came home with almost everything we needed. There are just a few more things we will need to purchase before our project is ready to be finalized. We have run into a slight problem while installing our interior door, the place where our old door was is not square, therefore we are trying to square out the hole which is quite difficult.

We have installed the rubber roofing, and it rained all day yesterday. The outcome, no leaks! Yay! We had absolutely no idea what we were doing, but it seems to hold so we must have done something right.

The OSB has also been almost completely laid down in the sun porch, and the door way has been opened, which is going to look completely awesome when it's all finished!

So Far: Before


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