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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Remodeling on a Budget

  So we have run into a leaky roof situation again this year and have realized no amount of patching is going to get the job done. We have to just bite the bullet and cut into our weekly paycheck to fix this issue. Also because we want to permanently fix the situation and due to damage the leak has caused we will also be doing interior remodeling.

  Our financial situation is already pretty grim. We are the average middle to lower class family according to statistics and pretty much live paycheck to paycheck. Our plan is to buy what materials we can afford each week after buying groceries, gas, and paying bills. This has worked out fairly well thus far. We started two weeks ago and have purchased the laminate flooring ($160) and rubber roofing ($90) and plan to aquire the remaining roofing materials this Friday.

  I know we can't possibly be the only family in this predicament therefore in an effort to help I will be sharing our story and progress with you. There will be updates and photos to accompany. If you have any ideas or advice I would love to hear it. Please feel free to use the comment section.

Lesson #1-Budget well, buy materials as you go if you aren't very good at saving money.

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