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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Squirrels Have Been Nesting...

  As we attempted to tear down the ceiling and make way for the new ceiling we soon discovered what appeared to be a large bird's nest. Birds I can deal with. Upon removing the third board we were showered in walnuts, that is when we realized this giant birds nest is actually a squirrel home.

  Yes, that's right all those nights I wondered about certain sounds it was squirrels, and boy did they do some damage!

  We are not letting this get us down though. After completely clearing out the nest we are continuing renovations.

  Did you know that in the 1900's nails were thought to be strong enough to hold together a house even in the toughest of tornado's. This must have been the thought because each tiny original board has been nailed to the studs with at least 20 nails per board. Not only do they make the job just a little harder, but that must have cost the builder of our grand house quite a pretty penny!

  Our plan continues to be push forward. I will be sharing with you the amount of materials purchased tomorrow. I continue to welcome thoughts and advice in the comment section :) (Well wishes and prayers welcome as well! )


  1. Yea, we have a giant walnut tree in our backyard which happens to be heaven for a squirrel. The walnut tree branches out over our roof, which is how I assume they are getting on our roof in the first place, and they found a weak spot in the roof and decided to tear in I guess. :( I'm really glad they never decided to dig deeper than in between the ceiling and roof. I don't know what I would do if a squirrel got in the house!!!


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