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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Could Your Hobby Make You Money?

|Guest Post|

  When things are difficult financially, we are often forced to adapt to a frugal way of living, which isn’t easy. No matter how hard we budget, the gap between income and expenditure looks more like a cash swallowing chasm. Once the low cost - and no cost - options are exhausted, what other avenues are left to explore?

  Turning a part-time hobby into a money making sideline is an option open to everyone. It also has the advantage of being something you enjoy doing and more often than not can do from home. I received a lovely basket from a friend recently full of my favorite spa oils which gave me an idea. When lavish spending is a no-go area, how about making your own? There are numerous gift basket reviews out there with plenty of ideas for personalized baskets. You can either make them up as gifts for family and friends or consider selling them, especially with the holiday season coming up.

  Trial a few sample baskets based on straightforward themes like chocolate, wine, books, items you probably already have at home. Using colorful ribbons is an inexpensive way of decorating the baskets. Tinsel instantly brightens a gift up too, even outside of the holiday season. Start off with house parties for friends and neighbors where you can offer to take orders for future gifts. It suggests a professional image and shows you quite literally mean business. Local arts and craft fairs are places you may wish to consider visiting with an option to sell if your idea proves popular.

  If gift baskets aren’t your thing, perhaps you can make greetings cards, sell homemade cakes or jam. Maybe you have a flare for designing and making your own jewelery. You could even team up with like-minded friends and pool resources. If you’re the creative one and your friend is a great salesperson, your skills will complement each other. Good luck.

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