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Monday, October 3, 2011

A Light in Difficult Times

  I receive many questions regarding the difficult times we face financially today. Many wonder if what I do, working online, really helps. They want to know if my strategies to bring my family a better life really work. Though I do respond to each and every e-mail I receive I thought it was equally important to answer that question here for all the readers who just don't have the time to send an e-mail.

  My answer to this; I fully believe in what I do. Yes, it takes time. I have spent years building my work at home career. When I started out I soon became discouraged because I wasn't seeing the results I hoped for, however I didn't give up. There were many times I wanted to, and even times I lost inspiration, however I always came back. Through my persistence and determination I have discovered ways to help my family as well as countless others.

  Earning an income through working online in my spare time has been completely worth it. It has given me a way to help my husband provide for our family when there was no other option but for me to stay home.

  If you are just starting out, hang in there! It can and will help you to if you persist, have patience, and go for it!

  Please remember I am always willing to answer any questions, and if you are feeling discouraged and just need someone to talk to I'm here for that too! Feel free to e-mail me at or you can add me on Facebook. (

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