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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Free Old Navy Winter Gear!

I was a little skeptic when I first joined this new site I'm about to tell you about, which is why I haven't told you about it sooner but my excitement is overflowing so I just have to share this awesome opportunity with you now!

So I was in the process of researching for my familiar Proven Ways to Work From Home series, looking for more income earning opportunities to share with you when I came across a site called Crowdtap.
Crowdtap claimed to give you earning opportunities simply by completing a form of surveys. My first impression while reading the description of the site was "It's been done before." Despite my setbacks I decided to give it a go. Any earning opportunity is better than none, right. So I signed up for the site, and I was pleasantly surprised by the look and feel of the site right away. It wasn't like any other survey site I've come across. The surveys are more like poll questions, which are called "quick hits" and are so simple to answer. You then earn points for your quick hits which allows you to move up in levels.

As you move up you earn more poll opportunities and are also given opportunities to join discussions and voice your opinions on brands and other things. You also earn points for giving your opinion. This (and also some poll questions) gives you the opportunity to earn some cash.

Now on to my favorite aspect of the site, Old Navy is one of the many branded partners of the site and through Crowdtap they look for people to sample and share their products with. Now on to my excitement, I was recently chosen to sample Old Navy's new Winter line of coats! What does that entail? Well they are sending me an in-store coupon for me to go pick out a brand new Winter coat completely free to me and I can choose any coat in the Old Navy store that I want! I also get a second coupon to give to one of my gal pals! How amazingly awesome is that!! My coupons should be arriving by Friday, and of course I will post pictures of the coupons, welcome packet, as well as pictures of my FREE Winter coat!

So you can see why I wanted to share this amazing site with you, now what are you waiting for go get started and see what opportunities you are invited to participate in!


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