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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My New Project

  I am a person who enjoys slight changes, nothing to drastic most of the time, but I like to freshen things up. The really nice weather we are having in Iowa right now gave me some inspiration to freshen the look of my house.

  We are still in the process of remodeling, however we are at a stand still until this week's paycheck because we need insulation. Because of that I am going just a little crazy. I have furniture in my dining room that doesn't belong and makes my house look cluttered which is driving me insane. Therefore I needed to find something to do that allowed me to feel I am making some progress.

  I remembered that I had some left over paint in the basement and decided to freshen up the trim around the windows on the outside of my home. Believe me they were getting a little over due. I normally just freshen up the paint and keep the white, but this year I wanted to do something a little different.

So what do you think? As you can see it's still a work in progress. I didn't know if I would like the green when I started, but I love it now. I believe it's quite a face lift! I still have 3 windows to do, and the ceiling of my front porch. I am hoping to finish those today and tomorrow get back on track with the new family room.

  Is anyone else feeling a little restless when it comes to the look of their home? What are you planning to do this fall? Any big changes?


  1. I love it, Alaina! The green really makes the windows "pop" against the white, I think it was a wise move to choose a new color :)
    Don't worry about feeling restless, I think it is one of God's funny quirks that He gave women when He had us in mind. Afterall, the Lord gave us ladies the duty of making the home a peaceful place for the family - so of course, clutter is gonna drive us nuts.
    Don't you worry dear, you are not alone lol

  2. I'm grateful to my wife for her patience while she and I have been building a home for several years now. If you ever heard stories of how difficult and trying it can be, it is certainly true. There are times we still have doubts and it seems like it will never be finished. God willing, we are moving in this fall and due to His providence, we own it free and clear!

  3. Amie- Thank you!! You are such an encouragement. I am finally finished, and I love it! I have been praying to feel peace amongst the rubble that I call home right now, and God is always faithful. He says ask and you shall receive so I am standing on that promise I pulled right out of His love letter to us and He Has made it clear that my feeling the way I was was a choice and if I didn't want to be so aggravated I had to choose not to feel that way, and He would guide me in following through on the choice I made. Thank you Amie for reading :)

    barter411- Wow!! That is amazing!! Congratulations on your new home, I have heard stories and a few of my friends have built their own homes, so I've seen how frustrating it can me and all the issues, doubts, and problems, people run into. I've also seen it be completely worth it in the end so once again congratulations on your new home!


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