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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Wow Factor: New Addition To Swagbucks!

Search & WinI just finished using the new addition to Swagbucks to earn 60 swagbucks in about 15 minutes! Swagbucks has finally given us a way to pro-actively earn swagbucks which can then be converted into prizes or even cash! (If you don't know what Swagbucks is you can check out the article from Proven Ways to Work From Home or visit Swagbucks and learn more.)

The new addition is "Tasks" You can now complete as many or as few tasks as you want and you earn Swagbucks for all that you complete! The tasks are like mini jobs, so far I have done searches to see what page a certain search term shows up on, and I've done searches to find the best links for researching a given topic. These are not like surveys, nor do they ever require money. Through the tasks option you are EARNING Swagbucks, and yes you are working for them.

So if you've had your eye on a certain prize, but the win by searching method wasn't earning enough Swagbucks for you, you should go check out the new tasks option for earning!

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