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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Black Friday On the Way

  Stores have been preparing for months, prices will drop to an all time low for the year giving consumers a chance to purchase Christmas items at incredible prices. In an attempt to save a few bucks people will rush to the stores, running through isles, throwing items into the cart without thinking. Pushing, shoving, hitting, arguing will occur.

  The day after Thanksgiving, a day that brings out the crazy. The one day everyone agrees to stop caring and go for selfish whims. Is it coincidence that it occurs right after the day that we are supposed to show how thankful we are for everything around us. Is it possible that all the selflessness we show on Thanksgiving then entitles us to be completely selfish the following day?

  Whatever it may be, the biggest shopping day of the season is happening in less than a week. My revelation for this day is that I am not allowing myself to look at any of the blitz ads. If I go with no expectations, I will leave without feeling disappointed. However if you would like to go knowing what you are looking for, you can check out the ads here:

  I wish you good luck in your shopping adventures, and stay out of the way when the shopping mob starts running!

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