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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Creating Your Own Decor

Bathroom Sign
I know all to well how expensive decorating your home can be. As you know we are on a budget, so home decor is kind of pushed to the backburner at the moment, however as you also know I am a huge fan of Pinterest and came up with this idea while browsing one day.

   I had brown picture frames that we weren't using so I spray painted them black, and I wanted to make something I could put in our bathroom. After looking for a cute saying or a picture to match our decor I came up with this one:

BRUSH (Brush your teeth) FLUSH (Flush the toilet) WASH (Wash your hands)

It's simple, it goes with the bathroom, and the best part it cost next to nothing. I created it using word after downloading the sketchbook font from I printed it out, trimmed it down, and put it in my painted frame.

The sign if you would like to use this one just click, save, and print. 

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