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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Door Organizer

  (You can see a little of the black sharpie drawing my son drew when he was 3 years old on the inside of the cabinet.)

  I live in a closet-less home. Well actually my home has 3 closets, two in my room which are barely big enough for clothing and one small cubby above the bathroom door. I also have what we have come to call the "brown cabinet" which I have transformed into our "craft cabinet". It is very small, and I have more craft supplies than this lets say 1/8th of a closet could possibly hold, so at the moment I am trying to utilize every inch, including the ceiling of said cabinet.

   I made this door organizer for our acrylic paint, which I then stapled to the inside of the craft cabinet. I designed the pattern myself, and guess-ti-mated the size for each of the pockets. I counted the bottles of acrylic paint I thought I had, and then used one bottle to determine the size of the pockets.

  This is entirely made of scrap materials. I bought the red scrap at our local thrift store for 25 cents and the tan fabric was leftover from making curtains for the bedroom. It took about an hour to cut the fabric, sew the pockets, and attach the pockets. It was definitely worth the space I was able to save by using this!

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