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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Herbal Essences Crowdtap Sample and Share

As many of you know I am a member of Crowdtap which allows me to be a part of some amazing opportunities. Recently I was accepted to be a part of the Herbal Essences body wash sample and share, and I have sampled so now it is time to share.

I received Hello Hydration Herbal Essences body wash. My first reaction was how awesome the color of blue they chose for this scent was. (Blue is my favorite color) I immediately unscrewed the lid and took a whiff. It smells amazing. So after running 2.5 miles (because I'm doing the weight loss/ exercise thing) I was in dire need of a shower;

I look pretty rough after a run. So I grabbed my sample and some of my other favorite "pamper me" items:

...and hopped in to refresh and relax after my run. Hello Hydration was amazing! It smells so good, lathers just the right amount, and I finished my shower feeling clean and smelling wonderfully. I attempted to take a picture but after 6 tries to take an after shower selfie looking relaxed I gave up. Sorry :(

If you would like to be a member of some amazing sample and shares all you have to do is become a member of Crowdtap, and the best part is that membership is absolutely free! There is no referral program for the site; simply go to and register. They have "quickhits" which are simple survey questions such as "Do you eat chocolate?" and then you choose "Yes", "No", "Sometimes" things like that. They have sample and share opportunities and other challenges and missions like decorating a roll of toilet paper to see who comes up with the most creative costume for their roll, (that was a Charmin contest), and other fun things. Each time you complete an action you earn points which give you entries into each months prize drawings. It's awesome to win the prizes, but I enjoy the sample an share even more. If you look back through some of my posts you'll see that I've received a free coat and a free swimming suit from Old Navy, toothpaste, mouthwash, body wash, and lots of other awesome things!

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