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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Say No to Feminism

There are many things wrong with today's world, feminism is one of the top problems, right up there with entitlement and selfishness.

I am a woman. I am proud to be a woman. I do not however support every feminist movement out there, and in my opinion some of the feminist revolution stuff has corrupted our worldly views and taken away from our morals and values.

Should we be allowed to vote, work, drive, etc.? Well of course!

Should we be looked down on if we choose to stop working and stay at home with our children? No, we shouldn't, but we are.

I am proud that there are women making their way in the career world, however I am also disappointed in the same women because of their views of the women and men who choose to make staying home their career.

Did you know that the United States Government now categorizes an average household income to include 2 working adults. Where does that leave the families that only have 1 adult working? The cost of living is estimated based on the average household income, which is now a two adult working income. It is now unacceptable for women to stay home and care for their families, and more than being unacceptable it is nearly impossible. 

While I understand that there are many who can juggle working, parenting, and life the end there is one group that gets left behind in all of the juggling and that is our children. There are many capable people who can help care for children and make it possible for two parents to work in order to provide for their families however, moms and dads do the best job at raising their children the right way. 

It is sad that our world has become so money hungry that our children are being left in the dust. It is disheartening that raising our children has become second to earning money. Not only has this very important job become second, but it has also become nearly impossible due to the high cost of living. In fact it is ridiculous how much it costs to simply live; electricity, mortgage, car, water, etc. What's more ridiculous is that we just keep living the way we do, complaining that change needs to happen but never doing anything about it. 

A friend recently told me that all people are sheep, working, paying bills, shopping, and continuing the cycle like good little Americans. No one questions why our jobs take up 55-75% of our lives. No one wonders if there is a better way to live, a happier way to live. To top it off, many go to jobs they hate, jobs that make them miserable, never changing, never seeking something better. They spend their lives running in circles, counting down the days to retirement age, and being miserable. Why? What is the purpose of spending so much of your youth,  your good days which will one day become "the good ole' days" working at jobs we all hate? Why do we act like sheep and simply fall in line? 

Why is it nearly impossible to put our children first and make it possible for one parent to stay home and raise their children? 

So what's your opinion?

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