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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Should Police Have Stood Down?

   It is known that most of those that participated in the Baltimore riots were in fact teenagers ranging from ages 14-16, therefore due to their age the police stood down and watched while the kids destroyed the city. Was this the right thing to do?

   My answer is no. I believe that the age of those children participating in the riots gave even more reason as to why the police should have engaged those teenagers. Allowing them to run wild and do whatever they pleased, burning down businesses, throwing things at the officers, destroying the city they live in, and more only emphasized their abilities to do whatever they pleased.

   The message these children learned through the happenings of the Baltimore riots was that due to their age they are able to do whatever they please without repercussions from the police. Because of this it is likely that those left unpunished would engage in similar acts in the future.

   It was asked on Gibson Radio (Fox News) yesterday if there is reason to be angry with the police for standing down. I say that the citizens have every right to be angry with the police force for standing down while the rioters ruined their city. There is more reason to be angry with whomever delivered the order to stand down. The police officers were following orders, which must have been difficult for them. To watch as their city burned to the ground and innocent bystanders were engaged by rioters, instilling terror into the community, had to be hard for those officers to do. However, is it not the job of the police to protect and serve. Whomever delivered the order to stand down should lose their job. It was this persons duty to protect and serve the community in the best interest of all, not in the best interest of the criminals.

What are your thoughts? Send a message, use  your voice, there is power behind your words! Share this, get the conversation going, and dig deep to find the truth behind what actually happened.

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