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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Top 9 Worst Jobs in the World

This is a list of the nine worst jobs in the world. Worst meaning disgusting, too little pay, too manually hard, etc.

1. Plumber
Not all aspects of this job would be bad, such as replacing pipes or installing new pipes, but cleaning hair balls out of sinks and plunging plugged toilets can't be fun! (Thank you plumbers of the world!! It's a nasty job, but someones gotta do it.)

2. Trash Man
This job is nasty! The people who do this job have to smell rotten diapers, rotting food, and deal with maggots and other nasty things. (Thank You Trash Man, You make my world much cleaner :)

3. Exterminator
There is more pests to kill than ants, these guys have to kill possums, mice, cockroaches, and many more disgusting creatures and insects. They do their job and they do it well! (Thank you!)

4. Janitor
Cleaning up after myself sucks, so cleaning up after many people would suck big time. (However thanks to you, oh dear Janitor the people who do not have to clean have more time to focus on what it is they are supposed to focus on! Thanks!)

5. Police Officer
Sure your job is exciting, and we all know you keep us safe, and of course we thank you for that. The reason this job is on the worst jobs list is because Mr. Police Officer, you do not get paid enough to put your life on the line!

6. US Soldier
You get taken away from your family, sent to unknown places, thrown in the middle of some nasty situations, and YOU DON'T GET PAID ENOUGH! (Thank you, though, for keeping us safe. Just knowing your there helps me sleep better at night!)

7. Telemarketer
I'm sorry that you get hung up on all the time, but it comes with the profession. Maybe you should think of changing jobs and support the movement to STOP ALL TELEMARKETING!

8. The Cart Boy
You are pretty much a mailman, pushing those carts in wind, snow, ice, hail, and heat. You just get paid a lot less. (Thank you for returning my cart to the store building by the way!)

9. Bathroom Host
You have to listen and smell others going potty all day long, but without you the bathrooms wouldn't be as sparkling clean or smell refreshed. (Thank you for doing your job)

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