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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Waste Not Want Not

The philosophy that really makes no sense at all, yet I'm going to attempt to make some sense of it. Now where to start.

Waste Not Want Not, taking that into perspective it could mean a lot of things. For instance, you buy a carton of milk, we all know milk expires faster than we would like. Most people do not drink a whole gallon of milk before the expiration date because, well milk just really doesn't taste all that good unless  you add some chocolate or strawberry mix to it. People don't possibly eat that much cereal, unless you are a cereal addict. So putting the waste not want not ideal into use buying a smaller quantity of milk would allow you to get your money's worth. It would make it easier to use exactly what you paid for, therefore leaving the conclusion that you did not waste money on something you were not going to use. 

Let's take a look at the relationship aspect of waste not want not. Let's say that you have been married for two years. At the end of these two years your relationship is starting to fall to pieces. You realize that marriage was not all you imagined it would be, and are thinking about leaving. Now weighing the consequences,  you have invested two years of your life into this marriage plus the amount of time that you were in the pre-marriage stage of your relationship. All together, for example purposes, we will say that pre-marriage stage lasted a year, therefore you have been in this relationship for three years. That is three years of your life. In order for those three years to not be wasted, with the ultimate goal of finding someone to settle down with for the rest of your life, is it not beneficial to work the situation out and make your marriage last. If you give up you will be throwing those years down the drain, and you have to restart the entire process with someone else. There are certain circumstances where a divorce is feasible. If you are in an abusive relationship or an unfaithful relationship, for sure get out, you deserve better. However if your only issue is the fact that he leaves his dirty socks on the floor before climbing into bed, why not just work on that. 

Looking at the big picture of recycling, because I think that is the area in life when this philosophy comes into play much more beneficially than in any other, we see that things that would have been wasted can now be re-used.  We have learned that land fills are not never-ending holes where we can throw our garbage without repercussions, and that in fact those "holes" do fill up and have a major impact on the earth and on our quality of life. Waste not want not brings into perspective the importance of recycling. When you choose to recycle glass, paper, plastic, and other renewable energies it takes away the fear that one day we will want clean air, yet wouldn't be able to find it. Bringing down your carbon footprint, one step at a time, one person at a time relieves those land fills one piece at a time. If you started saving one penny a day, eventually you would find those pennies add up, the same way recycling one can at a time is adding up. 

After taking all three scenarios into perspective we see that the waste not want not philosophy does in some ways make sense. It may take us diving a little deeper to make sense of it, but in the end it all works out. So now I ask, is waste not, want not a philosophy you put into practice?

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