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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Disgracing The American Flag

Stomping on, burning, dancing on, or any other act that is supported via the #EricSheppardChallenge is nothing but ridiculously immature. It is an act that is protected by the freedom of speech, but should it be? 

   The American Flag represents America and all of its' freedoms. It represents a time when the country was united. A representation of each state of the United States. It stands for liberty and represents the freedoms that were fought, won, and given the citizens of the US. Lives were given to earn the freedoms the flag represents. Wars were won. 

   You are protected by the very rights this flag represents, yet you disgrace the flag. How does this make any sense. Your message is essentially screw the U.S. and if that is how you feel there are many other countries you are welcome to move to. In fact, if you have such strong feelings of hate for the U.S. and its' flag I urge you to move. 

   This is a ridiculous act of immaturity and a confusion of loyalty. The flag does not only represent the government, nor does it only represent the principles you feel so strongly against, but it represents the soldiers who fought and died for your freedom. It represents the constitution. It represents the air you breath, the soil on which you live, and the people you surround yourself with, yet you take it upon yourself to disgrace this treasured symbol of the United States. 

   Every act of disgrace against the flag is an act of disgrace against the very soldiers who fight to keep you free. Each and every flag you throw to the ground is a symbol of throwing Americans to the ground. 

   What is your outburst going to solve? How is this going to draw supporters to your cause?  You are doing nothing but pissing true Americans off. Anyone who has participated in these acts forfeits their right to call themselves Americans and therefore I believe should also forfeit their constitutional rights, as they do not support the country that affords them these rights. 

   Are you covered by the freedom of speech and the freedom of expression, yes. Should you be? Absolutely not! 

Listen to what a patriot has to say about the matter: 

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