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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Free America;Gay Marriage, Religion:What Don't You Understand?

Americans: We live in America...that is FREE America. We have freedoms given us by the U.S. Constitution. One of those freedoms are the freedom of religion....

That is the freedom to choose your religion. This is a freedom that allows the citizens of the United States to disagree, to believe in different religions or if they so choose, to have no religion at all. This basic human right granted to the citizens of the United States is simple to understand, yet there are many who do not get it.

There is and has nearly always been an uprising over whether homosexuals should allowed to be legally married.... I realize many won't but I would like you to hear me out on this....

What is it hurting you? If Tim and Joe, or Sally and Susan decide to get married what effect does this have on your own personal life?

Christians will be the first group to stand against homosexual marriage and they will do so on biblical principles, but I ask again, how does it effect you? How are you showing love to the people of the world while spitting hatred against homosexual individuals?

Will you have to answer to God for those individuals who chose to live their life in a way that makes them happy? I am almost certain that the bible says you will answer for YOUR wrongdoing, not the wrongdoing of others.

Just because you choose to live your life in a certain way does not mean that the rest of the world must also line up and live accordingly.... Again, we live in America where we have the RIGHT TO PURSUE HAPPINESS....guess what, the lifestyle that homosexuals choose may be different from the lifestyle that straight people choose, but they have the right to do so because we live in a wonderful country that grants us these freedoms.

I don't know about you but I love my country and I love the constitution. I am grateful that I am able to live my life in such a way that makes me happy. I am not a homosexual, rather I am a happily (straight) married woman who has realized that the only person I am responsible for in the end is me.

The same goes for those who choose to worship and serve a different God than the Christian God; once again we live in America where we are given the freedom of religion. Other religions may be offensive to some people, but if they are causing no harm to others than the personal choices of an individual is really no one's business but that individual.

If we like our freedoms, our rights this country allows us, why fight against those rights. If we allow the government to change even one of our rights this action allows it to become easier to change another of our rights, and potentially remove our rights.

Personally, I would like the government to stay out of my business. I do not see how having the government decide if my friend Tom can marry the love of his life and the only person that makes him happy, can be helpful to anyone. How can giving the government control over even the basic of decisions (who we will marry) help or solve anything.... and once again, why do you care so much? They are not hurting you or anyone else, but you are hurting them with your judgments and your hateful comments (which you are allowed by the freedom of speech).

Please step back, use an open mind, think before you act, and really question whether every battle you are choosing is worth fighting. Shouldn't we focus on bigger issues than gay marriage? Isn't our country facing much more dangerous issues that need to be held in the spotlight?

  • National Debt
  • Feeding the Hungry
  • Helping the Homeless get jobs
  • Fixing the economy
  • Dealing with our overseas troubles
  • Keeping Hillary Clinton out of office...
I'm just saying, stop being so closed-minded and really think about what is actually important, what is actually having negative effects on the world. I can guarantee that if Steve and Jim get married the only ones that will be affected is Steve and Jim. 

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