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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Given the Order to "Stand Down"

   Surely everyone has heard at least something about what has been going on in Baltimore...rioting, brutality, destruction, violence...all in the name of what some are calling justice.  How anyone can look on these acts of violence and destruction that have been committed and call them "good" or "justifiable" or even "in the name of justice" and think that they will accomplish anything is beyond this writer.

   I am bewildered by the thinking behind violent protesting. My bewilderment stems from the puzzling question of "Why?" Why would you destroy the city you live in and expect change to happen? Why would you take out your frustrations on those who have committed no injustice towards you? Burning down a pharmacy that belongs to an innocent bystander is not going to solve the injustice you believe is present.

   Further, jumping to conclusions before the facts have been brought to light helps no one. In fact in the case of Freddie Gray, the violent acts only hindered the investigation which had the sole purpose of justice. The riots did not bring more attention to Gray's case, rather it took the spotlight off of the main reason everyone said they were rioting and shined the spotlight on the violent and idiotic acts of those that participated.

   Throwing trash at innocent bystanders, throwing bricks at police officers, smashing bottles and cans into police cars, screaming obscenities, breaking windows, scaring the general public, causing lock down situations, creating fear in your city, acting like a fool, committing violent crimes, burning down buildings and vehicles....all in the name of justice? Where is the logic? It is my opinion that there is no logic behind such stupidity...merely a large group that found themselves bored, a large group that realized the police would do nothing at the time and took advantage of the situation.

 The individuals responsible are immature, they are idiotic, and it is my opinion that they had absolutely no idea how to use their minds or their voices so they acted out like little children throwing a huge temper tantrum.

   Now, could you imagine how difficult it had to be for those officers that were ordered to stand down (as we see per the report given by Sheriff Mike Lewis of Wicomico County.) Those officers, the ones that were being violently engaged, had to stand by and watch as the people they were hired to protect were harmed. They were ordered to essentially stand and watch as the city they love burned to the ground. Many people question why they would obey such an order, I am one of those questioners. I understand they were simply following orders, but could they not decide that the happenings going on around them were in fact crimes and if the police department did not support their actions to stop the crimes remove your badge and do something about it as a citizen not as an officer.

   I do not know personally what it is like to be in such a situation, I am merely using common sense to come up with some alternatives that may be helpful in future situations. However, I would like to think if my job and duty were to protect my city and my boss say "No way, let them destroy" I would, the moment I saw innocent people being harmed and buildings being burned, remove my badge and protect and serve the people as a citizen and not as an officer.

   There is a Black Panther protest that is being talked about on the news, predicted to happen today...are there any plans of preemptive action that are taking place?

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